Apparently, Netflix think we’ve been good for this week. As such, they’ve decided to reward us with a bunch of new first look images of Castlevania taken straight from the final season.

These 8 images released on Netflix Geeked on Twitter comprise the entirety of Netflix’s first look at the final season of Castlevania. We don’t have any context behind these images. The only context we can glean from this is the appearance of Alucard, Trevor, and Sypha in 2 of these images. Aside from that, there’s precious little else. I guess we’ll just have to find out when the last season of Castlevania comes out on May 13, 2021.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Teases?

Castlevania final season key art.
Looks almost like it was taken straight out of one of the games.

In addition to those 8 teaser images, Netflix also gives us a synopsis for the final season of Castlevania. It’s short, but fairly revealing. And by that, I mean more teasing than revealing. The synopsis goes like this:

Wallachia collapses into chaos as factions clash: some attempting to take control, others attempting to bring Dracula back from the dead.  Nobody is who they seem, and nobody can be trusted. These are the end times.

So yeah, killing Dracula did not magically solve Wallachia’s problems in Castlevania. Sounds pretty realistic, even without the whole “factions that want to resurrect Dracula” going on here. We’ll just have to see how the final season resolves all of these problems, since it is the final season, after all. They wouldn’t leave any plot threads dangling, right? Right?


Netflix just gave us some first looks at images from the final season of Castlevania. The images have zero context behind them, so feel free to take a look. What, you want to know what they mean? Well, catch the last season of this dark fantasy anime series on Netflix on May 13, 2021 to find out for yourself.

Source: Netflix, Twitter