One Punch Man is back, and better than ever. Season two has just officially been announced and is set to premiere in early April 2019. In a tweet from the creators, released new promotional key visual that gave fans a deeper view into the one punch man world. The season is said to be released on April 2, 2019.

Official key visual for One Punch Man

I’m This new season will focus on Saitama and Genos, but their “normal” days with the Heroes Association will be challenged by a new threat, a mysterious man named Garou. As well as the Hero Hunter, who is determined to find a superhero powerful enough to entertain him. The show will be bringing back all of your favorite heroes as well as a diverse batch of new super heroes.

One Punch Man was originally released back in October 2015. The story follow the incredibly powerful superhero, Saitama, a hero that have become so strong that he is able to defeat anyone in just one punch, and his disciple genos as they fight off villains and protect their city. Since the ending of the first season the show has taken quite a lengthy hiatus, due to production rights being passed from the original company Madhouse to JC Staff. With the change in production teams many fans are concerned but are also looking forward to see what JC Staff has to bring to the table.