You know those movies where the protagonist relives the same events over and over again until they figure out the correct answer to the metaphysical riddle? Movies like Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, Happy Death Day? The Flash seems to be stuck in this endless repeat of landing writers, losing writers, rewriting the last rewrite. Does it ever end?

Que Yet Another Restart

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That remains to be seen, but the latest news from the warped speedster universe states that current directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are rewriting the film once more.

This team wrote Spiderman: Homecoming so you would think that would put it in good hands. The problem remains this is no less than the third attempt to get this film moving. For every step forward, this film seems to take two steps back.

What is it that causes certain films to hit this endless redo loop. The Flash is quickly entering the territory of films like The Crow and He-Man. Those films were on the building block for years if not decades. He-Man is supposedly still coming, but folks involved with The Crow finally called no joy and have given up on the project all together.

End of DCEU Could Help Matters

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The only thing helping this film out is DC’s new revision to their properties. The DCEU is officially dead. DC is doing the smart thing and refocusing on its individual titles. With titles no longer influencing the other movies around them, The Flash creative team can concentrate on just their movie and not have to worry about tying into whatever Batman or Wonder Woman movie is coming out next. In fact the way this is going, I would be surprised if the Flash movie isn’t abandoned all together and they just use the character as a side role in the other major titles.