Freeform just dropped the official first trailer for Season 2 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger. If what we see in the trailer is any indication, this season is going to be even crazier then Season One.

This trailer shows off what’s expected with this new season of Cloak & Dagger. We already knew from the end of Season Two that Detective O’Reilly would be turning into Mayhem. And we did get to see some of what Mayhem will wreak onto New Orleans this season.

The Trailer also features some interesting scenes of Tandy and Tyrone using their powers. One thing I find interesting, however, is the decision Tandy must make this season, i.e. to work with either Mayhem or Tyrone. It will be interesting to see both her decision and the ramifications of that decision.

Watch the trailer above and tell us your thoughts!