Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger is coming back on Thursday, April 4th, Here’s a first look at Season 2:

The trailer packs a lot into just a 15-second teaser. First, we get Detective O’Reilly finally saying “this is mayhem.” We also see Tandy, Tyrone, and Detective O’Reilly in a room with evidence all over the walls. Something big is brewing for Season 2.

The teaser closes out with a very short clip involving blood at the end, hinting that someone could be getting killed this season.

First Look at Cloak & Dagger, Season 2

Until we get more, enjoy these first-look photos from Marvel:

MARVEL’S CLOAK & DAGGER – “Restless Energy” (Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani) AUBREY JOSEPH, OLIVIA HOLT
Cloak & Dagger

From what we’ve seen thus far, Season 2 is shaping up to be even crazier than Season 1.