Power Rangers
J.J. Oliver

Since the start of the Boom Comics Era of Power Rangers, we have seen the Mighty Morhpin Power Rangers Universe expand. From Lord Drakkon to J.J. Oliver, these original ideas and characters have brought more life to the Power Rangers franchise.

In the latest graphic novel Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon. The story is set 2 years after the time period of Power Rangers SPD. Tommy and Kat Oliver’s son, J.J. Oliver, is now the Green SPD Power Ranger. I believe J.J. Oliver is the first official offspring to become a Power Ranger. Before anyone combats that statement, we don’t have anything official stating that Sky is Wes Collin’s son. With that being said, how can J.J. Oliver evolve as a character? I have a few ideas as to what Boom Comics and Power Rangers could do with the character.

Give J.J. Oliver An Identity

  • We all know that J.J. Oliver is the son of the legendary Power Rangers Tommy and Kat Oliver. With that being said, who is he? It would be nice to see a comic, full or short, of J.J. Oliver first training for the SPD Academy. Give him a coming of age story. A story of how he fits in with the new SPD Power Rangers team. Give him a conflicting situation, or a villain to overcome. A blast from the past connection to his father would be expected to draw in the older fans. As a result, I believe an original villain would be best. A warrior type like Goldar, Gasket, or Zeltrax.

J.J. Oliver Moves Up in Rank

  • In Power Rangers SPD, we saw most of the B-Squad SPD Power Rangers move up in rank. Doggy Kruger moved up in rank to Head Commander of Space Patrol Delta. Sky went from being the Red SPD Power Ranger to Commander of Earth Base of SPD. He is still a Power Ranger and goes by the name DekaRanger. Bridge is now the current leader of B-Squad as the Red Ranger. Since his Father Tommy was a Red Power Ranger twice, it seems only fitting that J.J. Oliver should assume that role as team leader.

Friendly Rivalry

  • In Every Power Rangers season, there are 2 ally characters who have a friendly rivalry with one another. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there was Jason vs. Tommy. As J.J. Oliver grows as a Ranger, he should have someone to help push his character growth forward. Personally I would love to see another child from a previous Power Ranger team. Imagine if Jason had a son and he is part of the B-Squad team. This type of scenario would have hints of the Rocky spin-off movie, Creed.
J.J. Oliver
J.J. Oliver Green SPD Power Ranger


  • I know J.J. Oliver is a fairly new character. While his origins may be familiar to us long time fans, his future is a bright blank canvass that’s waiting to be filled. Following in the footsteps of his father was no easy task. That being said his next chapter of events will shape his life forever.