Many things can trigger an emotion or a memory, like a place, a scent or a photograph. But, for this Generation X’er, nothing brings me back to my childhood like a Star Wars sound. From the moment I walked out of the theater I was mimicking Darth Vader and making blaster sounds.

Now, I’m not the only one that was impacted by this. Star Wars walked away with Best Sound and Score Oscars and sound designer Ben Burtt received a Special Achievement Award from the academy.

So without any further ado, I present the following choices for your listening pleasure.

Let’s start with an easy one. Every kid walked out of the theater in 1977 pointing a finger and shouting “pew pew pew.” Don’t deny it!

Now some people will argue that this counts as dialogue, not a “sound.” But, this is my list and I spent the better part of ’77/78 trying to get my squeaky little voice low enough to communicate in Wookiee.

5. R2-D2
In this age of smart phones, no ringtone collection is complete without the witty, foul mouthed beeps and chirps of R2. Am I right?

Now this one is personal. 42 years later, I still shout “Utini” when I’ve had too much to drink. Just me?

Who’s ready for the TOP 3 Star Wars sounds, EVER???
You can probably guess them by now, but humor all the same…