3. Power Rangers Wild Force

The first part half of the part finale had a great start giving the Rangers a false sense of victory and taking it away. Having the Wild Zords and powers taken away was a great setup to show how dire their situation is. Sadly they dropped the ball in the other half. The Rangers were trying to save people without powers showing that they still help even a little, but the villain was giant and super charged so their efforts meant nothing. In their out of suit roll call against Master Org somehow earned them the power to revive the destroyed Wild Zords. It also brought out other Wild Zords out of hiding. The villain was defeated extremely easily even with the presence of many new Wild Zords they only used the core Zords and weapons they had access to before. It felt like the makings of a great finale but they just ended it and gave them their powers back with no reason to how they were revived. The biggest insult was that the Rangers couldn’t even keep their awesome team jackets.

2. Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

It’s a finale that could have benefited from being in two parts. It felt as if the show ran out time to properly end Overdrive’s story. Most of the episode is a struggle to battle Flurious for the Corona Aurora with many needless switching between in suit and out suit battles. Even when Flurious is evolved by the Corona Aurora he is defeated easily by Mac in his battlizer, but it results in his death. That is quickly fixed after Mac is revived and becomes a real boy losing any weight to his death. The lessons they learned are quickly said in dialogue not giving them value they should have had. Also one issue of the season of finding Vella was solved not by the rangers, but Norg the Yeti just to tie up loose ends.