It’s the dog days of summer, and you’ve gotta get the party started. There are classic Summer sounding or feeling songs in any genre. Pop music usually dominates this category, but Heavy Metal at some points is about partying and having a good time. ’80s metal music in particular gives off vibes that equal those good times from our youth. Here are the 5 best Summer-feeling Heavy Metal tracks out there. Whenever you have that small gathering at sundown with a couple of beers or you’re just getting off work and need something to cruise to, these are the perfect tracks.

Honorable Mention: Children Of Bodom

Children of Bodom might not have the most party-friendly lyrics but the music they play definitely harkens back to Summer time. Just a quick listen to their stuff points to an artist that might sound like heavier metal than the artists on our list, but Alexi Laiho sure knew how to fit in those ’80s pop elements to their music. He’s sorely missed in the Heavy Metal world.

Honorable Mention: The Entire Steel Panther Discography

It would be cheating, but you could very easily make this list all Steel Panther tracks. They have perfected the party and summer atmosphere that Heavy Metal brings. If you haven’t been to a Steel Panther concert before, it’s a party through and through. For all the over-serious Metal acts out there, it’s increasingly refreshing to see Steel Panther soldiering on in the name of a good time, and of course, strippers and heavy cocaine use.

5. Flaming Heart By Di’Anno

If the song sounds like it could be placed over a montage from an ’80s coming-of-age teen comedy, it fits the criteria perfectly. We’ve written extensively about Iron Maiden at THS, but Paul Di’Anno also had a pretty damn good solo career outside of the band. After his departure in 1981, he floundered a bit but struck oil with the Di’Anno band. They never got much further than their debut album, but it’s a fantastic blend of hard rock and heavy metal stylings. “Flaming Heart” captures the essence of youth, and summertime, and has a chorus that won’t leave your head anytime soon.

4. Overnight Sensation By Firehouse

What does it mean to be young? Anything is possible and it’s your time. “Overnight Sensation” by Firehouse absolutely hammers those vibes with a killer riff, belting vocals from C.J. Snare, and lyrics that’ll make you want to hop in your car and test the speed limit. Imagine back to those days when the Summer was an endless party trying to figure out what you’d do next with all the time in the world. “Overnight Sensation” is perfect for cruising or a party that’ll satisfy most heavy metal fans.

3. Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days By Judas Priest

Turbo is a maligned album among the Judas Priest faithful. Many feel like it took what made Judas Priest special and threw it out the window. I don’t happen to believe that and stated in my review that “you’re wrong to think it sucks”. Did it strip away some of the heavy metal thunder of Judas Priest? Yes. But bands don’t evolve without change, and Turbo was something that the Priest tried out. It’s the perfect blend of heavy metal and ’80s pop music out there. “Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days” was my pick for “Most Fun and Makes You Want To Party” song on the album.

It captures that feeling of being young during the summer, you’re up all day waiting for the heat to dissipate and for the night to bring some parties. There’s a magical quality about the track that only Judas Priest can conjure.

2. Wild Side By Mötley Crüe

Like Steel Panther, Mötley Crüe is all about a good time. A track like “Wild Side” gets all the hallmarks of a Summer song but also plain and simply kicks ass. You could also put on the title track of the album “Wild Side” comes from, “Girls Girls Girls”. Either way, the Crüe and “Wild Side” fit with that sometimes dangerous vibe that the Summer can bring. Who knows what a bunch of teenagers can do with plenty of time on their hands? You might see it on the “Wild Side”.

1. Panama By Van Halen

If you want to party, you listen to Van Halen. It’s that easy. They have the best frontman, the best guitarist, and an extremely underrated bassist and drummer. Are they strictly labeled as Heavy Metal? No. Does Van Halen kick plenty of ass though? Yes. Whether it’s Superbad blasting “Panama” while McLovin drives around a “stolen” cop car or you’re in your backyard, “Panama” is the best time you can have listening to a song.

If people don’t have a good time while listening to this song, find some new people.

What’re some of your favorite Summertime Metal songs?

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