Infiltrating the Empire at the executive officer level is no easy task, especially in a position under Darth Vader’s immediate command. We’ve seen similar storylines play out in the Star Wars animated series, but maybe it happened in The Empire Strikes Back too?

A fan theory on Reddit by user Danmax suggests that Admiral Ozzel is a Rebel spy or at the very least, a sympathizer. It really makes sense too! In two separate instances, Ozzel bought time for the Rebels to make their escape. In fact, in some ways, he was sending them warnings with his “clumsy” behavior.

Reddit user Danmax has put forward some strong evidence that Admiral Ozzel was a Rebel sympathizer.

The folks over at Insane Fan Theories have put together a great little video laying it all out. Enjoy and may the Force be with you![0]=68.ARAgwYxZjq_higWXCfYKu4H5OUxD_DWCZeS9dxBHCVDRkabvnkpuQ-cAWHo4hPyVkTuFVpkp13iAxczt2y-qGlhpITKYLjwq6aFhRjU7ct24YmgZ9sSlfDvBbmtlZ5qxN6E2n3XVr0hUUk6YRibF7DrHWZsNZ1kyOBLRE5fhtHzD9mgHcHTGT5E6bQDa0RC3mTo0BD-SqnvhoZF1QdDLLecyA-gxwCx_vHSSbp4lqhsji0iN6W4YcQyZoz2b5fEWtZS6szsVhB-dci_IQbkug3hROJ1MzIVOUtGmE7mndla_iXFCgePKAll4iNWtGSNJijcisP80ESxfUKOi99MM_a8c30k-tA&tn=-R

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