Power Rangers Beast Morphers is set to premiere in about a month, and a set picture from December is shedding some new light on what the Red Ranger’s power-up is going to be.

Thanks to The Power Scoop Blog, we do have the “unofficial” first image of the power up:

So, our version of the Red Ranger’s power-up is different to the Sentai’s version. In the Sentai, the Red Ranger had a gold triangle in the middle of it, where as this one has the head of a cheetah on it.

Honestly, this power-up doesn’t look as cool as some of the past ones. Now, this is just a set photo we are seeing, so it’s not an official photo we are getting. So, it’s not what it looks like on the show. But we also don’t know what the Yellow and Blue Rangers power-ups will be.

The cast gets back to New Zealand this month to start shooting season 2, so we shall see what happens with those characters power-ups.