Netflix was only known for giving you the opportunity to watch great movies or television shows. From ’90’s classics like Liar Liar or TV shows like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now We have Netflix Original Anime Series. These shows are on the level of Netflix Originals such as Hemlock Grove or Stranger Things. Though the company didn’t necessarily produce all of these series, Netflix does license all of them in North America. While the service only boasts a small handful of anime, many of them do quite well. These shows all offer something for their viewer to curl up with nothing but a pair of sweatpants and a bag of Hot Cheetos. So let’s count down the Top 5 Anime to Watch on Netflix. 

5. Kakeguri 

Kakeguri is an intense anime that follows the students of Hyakkaou Private Academy as they learn to gamble and torture each other. This elite school is only for the richest families and since every student is rich, the students learn how to manipulate others through the art of high stakes betting and dealing, with the most sadistic student Yumeko Jabami just transferring into Hyakkaou. This show is one crazy ride and is nowhere near like any other high school show you’ve seen. The series did so well that the following year its spawned a Live-Action series of the same name. 

4. Violet Evergarden

One of the most gorgeously animated shows in recent history, Violet Evergarden tells a story of a former child soldier Violet who wants to make a living in the Auto Memories Dolls industry, where young women ghostwrite letters on behalf of those who cannot express their own emotions. Although Violet is incapable of understanding human emotion, she still desires to be successful and one day hopes to understand why her Major told he loved her during the war.