Dragon Ball Super: Broly has proven to be a sensation in its native country of Japan, but it’s also had an explosive opening weekend across Latin America. This news comes as no surprise to the English voice cast of the series and film, especially Sean Schemmel, who had some powerful words to share about Goku and his universal message of hope.

Goku is a symbol of strength for fans around the world, but he resonates especially strongly with minority audiences. Sean Schemmel suggested that part of that fervor comes from “When you’re marginalized and subjugated, the thing that inspires you is the hero that could come in and make it okay.” He emphasized that racism is one of the biggest issues that he wants to stand up against as much as possible. “[It’s] one of the things I’m most concerned about in this country.”

In a broader sense, that’s the quality of Goku he most aspires to – standing up for what’s right and never backing down. “He never gives up no matter what,” Sean Schemmel gushed. “I love being the voice of a person who would do that, and I try to bring it as hard as I can.” He himself is hopeful that the series (and current film) affects audiences’ hearts as much as it does their adrenaline. “I believe that art is powerful,” Schemmel said, adding that he thinks, “A show like Dragon Ball can inspire some young marginalized person to rise up and run for office.”

Of course, Goku for the most part is the definition of Zen, so fighting the good fight doesn’t tire him out like it would anyone else. So as fraught as the battle between him, Vegeta and Broly might get in the movie, the Saiyan protagonist won’t be sweating it out as much as the fans do. “I don’t think there could be any complicated emotions that are very deep,” Schemmel laughed.

Be sure to catch Sean Schemmel kicking butt as Goku in Dragon Ball Super: Broly on January 16th, 2019 and don’t forget to leave That Hashtag Show a comment about your thoughts on the film!