By reading the title I can tell you’re going to need help. Here, let me give you some context of what’s happening. On a very special episode of Sesame street… Grover is a cute blue haired, red nosed muppet with a sometimes hard to place nationally ambiguous dialect. In talking with fellow muppet Rosita, Grover exclaims “Move the camera, yes! That sounds like an excellent idea!” But many are saying it sounds like something else entirely. Granted, with the suggestion in your mind, it’s not difficult to hear the second sentence as “that’s a F***ing excellent idea“. My money is on a “Yanny vs Laurel” kind of situation. *Oh, for those that have no idea what I’m talking about; just use your google machines and come back to this point of the article*

So, since I doubt you actually googled it I’m just gonna tell you what you need to know. It means that what you hear might depend in part on your device and/or speakers situation. See, everyone has individual factors affecting their perception of sound, including but, not limited to their age, the gender of the speaker, whether they hear higher or lower frequencies better, and even the device they use to listen to a particular sound on (AKA iPhone vs Android)Here, its better explained by a scientist. “We each have a different cookie cutter in how our brain is interpreting this information, which influence how we hear things differently than another person,” said Poppy Crum, chief scientist at Dolby Laboratories and possibly tasty sounding pastery enthusiast to NBC news when explaining the “Yanny vs Laurel” debockle of 2018.But just incase you need to experience “Grover-Gate” yourself just follow the link to my instagram post below. I could use the traffic.