The year is drawing to a close, so let’s take a look at the Top 10 Ranger moments during 2018.

10. Merchandise

Merchandise is actually both the worst and the best of 2018, but we actually got a lot of really cool things in 2018. Like the Power Ranger box sets which you can buy in many different ways. Thanks to Shout Factory Ranger fans have the capability of buying full Super Sentai volume DVD’s, and through ranger fans could show their love for more than one fandom buy rocking one of there Power Ranger- movie mash-up t-shirts. It doesn’t if the merchandise came from Saban themselves or an outside source fans all over had a way to show their love for Power Rangers, one way or another.

9. Power Rangers 2017 Movie

I know what you guys are thinking “I thought this was an end of 2018 list” but you forget, this film stayed with us well into 2018, even getting another Special Edition VHS Packaging cover released back in October. It wasn’t the biggest blockbuster of 2017, but the fact that we as a Ranger community received this film in general was a treat all in itself.

#8 Power Rangers HyperForce 

I understand that not everyone is going to agree with this but if you truly think about it, this was absolutely an amazing thing for the franchise to get. This format though is definitely not for everyone which is understandable, especially if you don’t play tabletop RPGs or if you can’t get into the fact that the show is two plus hours. Hyperforce did so many good things for us that the fan base always forgets, such as our first female Black Power Ranger played by Cristina Vee, plus with the return of Paul Schrier.

7. Power Rangers Next Season

     Right after the announcement in February of 2018, that Hasbro was going to be taking over the Master Toy license for Power Rangers, during the Hasbro Panel at the New York Toy Fair they announced Power Rangers Beast Morphers. So to go back and reuse old footage from a previous sentai, Hasbro must be very confident that they have a good story to tell and good merchandise to sell. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.