6. Power Rangers 25th Anniversary

Was this episode perfect? absolutely not, but I went into this episode expecting to at least enjoy myself and I did. Honestly, in my opinion, watching this episode I could see that there was way more love put into this episode than what the rushed legendary battle. Given that the creators were contained to 22-30mins long, this episode was actually wasn’t half bad and I think they did a really good job. Again, we got legendary rangers to return such as Kat, and Trent but most important in my book we got to see the Sudarso brothers represent together on screen in something that wasn’t HyperForce. So with that, within the 22-30min I found it to be very enjoyable.

5. Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown – Short Film

This short was based on the popular mobile game. Ryu and his friends were sucked into the Morphin Grid, As M.Bison and Rita plot to take over the Morphin Grid, Tommy (with the help of Ninjor) provides Ryu with the Crimson Hawk Power Coin and fights alongside him and Gia as the Ryu Ranger to stop the deadly duo of M. Bison and Rita Repulsa.

4. Power Rangers Shattered Grid Live

This was a live event at Power Morphicon and lasted an hour. This panel reading featured Jason Font (Power Rangers Time Force) reading as Tommy, Megan “Strawberry17” (Power Rangers Hyperforce) read as Kimberly, and so many other characters making a live appearance during this one-hour special. So much happened during this reading and I encourage you all to check it out if you are a fan of the comics.

3. Angel Grove Prom

When That Hashtag Show and the Official Power Morphicon came together for something awesome, they gave us Angel Grove Prom. A one night only free event created in celebration of the 25th Anniversary. There were photo booths, live music, Dancing, giveaways, and of course there were a prom King and Queen. It was truly a night to remember.

2. Shattered Grid

Shattered Grid’s storytelling and characters came in and pretty much raised the bar for good Power Ranger storytelling. This story truly gave us everything. A new characters with Lord Drakkon and Ranger Slayer and Ranger’s were dying. This had to be hands down the coolest crossover event in the franchise.

1. The Franchise Lives On. 

     Although this may seem like an easy answer to you all, I think this is important to remember, that with the different forms of media that we have, with the comics and the show and the games, I think remembering that franchise having another chance to live on is very important. Yes, I don’t agree with the approach that Saban took with the show and the general approach, but they did keep the franchise going. Saban grew it to a point where we can now pass it down to the people over at Hasbro and hopefully get an even better show.