Sometimes with Power Rangers, you end up on the show you are supposed to be on and it can be a blessing in disguise. The story is really no different for the Beast Morpher’s villain, Roxy, played by the wonderful Liana Ramirez.

As it happens in Power Rangers, many actors actually auditioned for other seasons ever since we had the first cast change. Originally, Dan Southworth auditioned for the the role of Adam on ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers‘ and the role of Chad on ‘Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue‘ before landing the Quantum Ranger, Eric on ‘Power Rangers Time Force‘. It’s fair to say that Eric was a role that was perfect for Southworth as he is one of the most popular Rangers of all time.

Liana Ramirez’s experience isn’t much different. Recently, Liana appeared on THS’ Rangers Wrap-Up LIVE and shed some light on the situation and audition process.

THS: Was this (Beast Morphers) the first time you audtioned for Power Rangers?

Liana Ramirez: Actually, I auditioned for the previous season but I was kinda too young at the time.

THS: Really?

Liana Ramirez: Uh huh. And kinda looking at the other cast, the previous cast, they kinda cast a little bit older and this cast, they casted younger to have the teen vibe and that’s kinda where we all fit in.

For the full interview check out The Ranger Wrap-Up on our YouTube channel. It worked out in Liana’s favor not getting cast in ‘Power Rangers Ninja Steel‘ seeing as her role as is perfect for her. We’re all curious to see where the pheomenal season of Power Rangers is going and along with Roxy’s character.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers‘ returns to Nickelodeon on Saturday, September 14th, at 8:30AM EST.