Written by: Curtis Garner

Power Rangers:Legacy Wars is an android/iOS mobile game developed and published by nWay. Released in 2017 to tie in with the ​Saban’s Power Rangers film, the game brings together heroes and villains all throughout the PR universe in an epic online 3-on-3 battle. So far the mobile game has surpassed 20 million downloads and still counting. With 2019 around the corner, I got to thinking about what other characters haven’t been added to the roster yet. For this list, I have came up with Rangers that should be added to the roster for 2019.

1. Tommy Oliver-Red Ranger Zeo V:

The game wouldn’t be complete without having all of Tommy Oliver’s ranger forms. His Red Zeo Ranger powers is the only left to be added. His Red Zeo Power Kick along with the Zeo Power Sword would be formidable against any opponent.

2. T.J. Johnson-Red Turbo Ranger II:

Although Tommy wielded the Turbo Ranger Powers first, the Passing The Torch I and II episodes are 2 of the most iconic episodes of the franchise. TJ’s leadership, calmness, and care for others is why he should be on the list. And most importantly he is the first African-American leader of a Power Rangers team.

3. Carlos Vallerte-Green Turbo Ranger II/Black Space Ranger:

Like TJ, Carlos was in Passing The Torch as he replaced Adam to become the Green Turbo Ranger. He also became the Black Space Ranger as well. He was the first Latin representation for Power Rangers in the series. His fearlessness and teamwork with others made him a great Ranger.

4. Leo Corbett-Red Galaxy Ranger:

Although he didn’t pull the Quasar Saber out the stone, he become the Red Ranger after his brother sacrificed his life to protect the others from turning to stone by Scorpius’s general, Furio. Over time, Leo matured to become a good leader for the team. A Lights of Orion power-up would make as a awesome addition to the game.

5. Dana Mitchell-Pink Lightspeed Ranger:

Legacy Wars already has Dana Mitchell’s brother, Ryan Mitchell, who is the Titanium Ranger. It’s only right to add his sister Dana into the roster. The game needs more female power.

6. Eric Myers-Quantum Ranger:

Eric as part of the Time Force team/Silver Guardians would do anything to help the city and prove he is worthy of his powers and responsibility to be a Ranger.