Now that DC Universe has successfully concluded the first season of Titans – though some fans may debate just how successful a conclusion it was – the streaming service is ready to hype the upcoming shows of 2019.

Of course, there’s going to be a second season of Titans to look forward to, but first subscribers of DC Universe have a whole crop of new content to savor. Included in the sizzle reel that dropped December 26th are sneak peeks of Young Justice: Outsiders, Doom Patrol and the Harley Quinn animated series. The latter promises that the service will have “comedy, action, [and] incredibly gratuitous violence,” some of which is on display in the trailer below.

There’s more than just original series (including Stargirl and Swamp Thing, which don’t yet have footage to share) available on DC Universe, though. Members also have access to new animated films such as Reign of the Supermen, as well as classic television series, old animated films, and live-action movies. And don’t forget the curated library of digital comics that are sure to get you up to date with your favorite heroes.

Aside from content to watch and read, DC Universe also contains a shop to buy merch, the DC Daily show to stay current with comic book events, and forums to talk with other subscribers about all of the above. Whether those perks are worth the price of admission or not is up to the individual viewer, but at least the service is expanding majorly in the coming year.

Unfortunately there is no release date yet for viewers outside of the United States, which limits the spread of DC Universe’s original shows for the time being. Given that Netflix is said to at least be getting Titans in 2019, it’s possible that the other series will join their predecessor once their seasons finish. The only question is whether that platform will make them available worldwide or not.

If the sizzle reel didn’t whet your appetite enough, you can check out some of the individual trailers too. Young Justice: Outsiders, which debuts in January, has a full-length promo available. Doom Patrol released a teaser last week, and Harley Quinn dropped a trailer of its own a while back.

Do these previews make you excited for 2019’s DC Universe offerings? Let us know in the comments below!