X-Men: Dark Phoenix has had a rough run of it as it is following the rather luke-warm X-Men: Apocalypse and on top of that, the impending merger of 20th Century Fox and Disney meaning that Marvel Studios will be able to use the X-Men characters.

However director Simon Kinberg has promised that Dark Phoenix will be return to form for the franchise and will bring the characters back to their classic forms including their classic yellow costumes.

A new screenshot from the film gives us an up-close look at Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in the classic looking costume:

Here you can get yourself a good look at the suit and how they are really going in heavy with the classic theme thanks to the very apparent yellow X in the middle of the chest piece. However this image is not very flattering to the suit as it makes it look rather cheap, hopefully the film’s lighting and added CGI will help to boost it’s look.

What do you think of the new X-Men uniforms? Are you excited to see this movie at all? Let us know your thoughts!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix releases on June 7th 2019.