‘Tis the season for joy, cheer and most of all, disappointment. The pragmatic folks at Those Awesome Guys are here to remind us all that most of our hopes will likely be dashed this time of the year with their latest free update to Move or Die. Yes, the friendship-ruining multiplayer game is even more soul-crushing with the ‘Holiday Disappointment Update’ now available on Steam.

To commemorate the launch of this new update and to make the season more bearable on your wallet, Move or Die is now available for an amazing $4.64 (69% off the regular price – heh).

The Move or Die ‘Holiday Disappointment Update’ includes:

  • One New Game Mode – Outbreak: Bump the virus to get immunity – when it touches the ground any exposed player dies… it’s highly contagious!
  • New Mutators: Try hard not to show your disappointment with these new Mutators – Enhance, Jumpoline, and Switcheroo.
  • Three New Playable Characters: Take control of oversized-sweater wearing Hugly, holiday trash can Scrappy, and melancholy Cindy, who just wants warmth for the holidays.
  • New Trails: Snowflakes, Socks, Festive Balls, and other holiday crap!
  • Some Very Special Gifts: From Archiving Software Licenses to an open pack of batteries, earn the gifts that no on asks for and everyone gets!

The Move or Die ‘Holiday Disappointment Update’ is available now for free onSteam. To learn more about Move or Die, please visit moveordiegame.com, ‘Like’ it on Facebook, and follow its development on Twitter @moveordiegame for all the latest developer updates and news.