Like it or hate it, there is no question Star Wars: Episode VIII turned the sequel trilogy on its ear. A year after The Last Jedi’s release, we’re still left with a number of questions when it comes to Star Wars. I’m going to do my best to set aside my issues with The Last Jedi and try to focus on a few of the Last Jedi unanswered questions I and many others would like Star Wars: Episode IX to resolve.

What’s next for this group in Star Wars: Episode IX? (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

To be honest, narrowing the list down was difficult. There were a lot of loose ends left dangling when the Star Wars fanfare rang out to signal Episode VIII’s end. Some were obvious. Others, less so, and probably only matter to die-hard fans like me. Thus, my list probably doesn’t include questions others might like answered (i.e. who is Snoke, really?) Nevertheless, here are three Last Jedi unanswered questions that Episode IX needs to address… and one it doesn’t.