Alright everyone, this is not a drill! Head straight to the nearest reflective surface, gaze plaintively upon it, and stream the new “Reflection” music video now.

Yes, the moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here. Christina Aguilera and Disney just released a new music video for “Reflection.”

Aguilera first recorded the hit for Disney’s animated Mulan back in 1998. While the upcoming live adaptation will not be a musical, “Reflection” will make a comeback. Watch the updated video for the ballad below.

The music video is about what you’d expect. Aguilera sits in a flowy dress. It’s dark and atmospheric. There’s a pool of water, obviously. And plenty of the Xtina dramatics we know and love. The video also intercuts some shots of Liu Yifei as Mulan in the upcoming film.

Really, you don’t have to do much to sell us on “Reflection” – we’ve been on board since 1998.

Disney and Aguilera previously released a video for a track new to the 2020 Mulan. You can watch the video for “Loyal Brave True” below.

While “Loyal Brave True” doesn’t compare to “Reflection” in my opinion, it’s hard to go wrong with an Aguilera ballad. Though Mulan hasn’t yet been released, the track does seem tonally appropriate to the film.

Sadly, due to the more serious nature of the live-action film, Disney won’t bring back the best song from the original Mulan.

Mulan will debut on Disney+ for Premier Access members September 4. Until then, watch “Reflection” on repeat to get yourself in the mood.

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