1. Who are Rey’s Parents, Really?

Rey seeks answers about her parents in ‘The Last Jedi’. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Yes, I want to know. And no, I don’t believe Kylo Ren when he says Rey’s parents were nobodies. This remains the biggest of the Last Jedi unanswered questions for me. Rey’s experience in the Dark Side cave didn’t settle anything, either. Like Luke Skywalker before her, her Dark Side cave experience reveals little more than this: the answers she seeks exist within herself. A ship flying off as Unkar Plutt holds back a distressed child tells me Rey’s parents were more than just nobodies selling their child off for booze money. Broke drunks generally don’t have nice vehicles, in any galaxy. We want, need, Episode IX to tell us the truth about Rey’s parentage.

And one of The Last Jedi unanswered questions we don’t need answered….