After Solo: A Star Wars Story’s performance at the box office many fans were wondering if this was the end of the story for young Han Solo. While it seems that plans for new standalone movies are on hold, a new story was released in comic form this past week. Han Solo – Imperial Cadet #1, was supposed to be the exciting story of Han’s short career in the Imperial Navy. Well unfortunately this issue did not live up to the expectations. For a story that has so much potential, there was very little new content to really get you excited about it.

Another Solo Review?

The first half of Han Solo – Imperial Cadet #1 seemed to be a recap of events from Solo: A Star Wars Story. We already got this recap from the movie adaptation comic Solo: A Star Wars Story #1. Also, there are a few pages that are word for word from the movie. My main problem with all of this is that Marvel is running with two stories about Han Solo at about the same time in his life. We did get a little new content in this part of the comic but it just didn’t flow well and seemed rushed.


What’s New?

Once we moved past the same content that we have seen three times between the comics and the movie, we finally get to see the start of Han’s Imperial training. Han knows to become a pilot he needs to survive basic training. Han throughout his training continues to push the wrong buttons. He questions everything from his training to his orders. Han gets in trouble so much that he gets his whole training class punished. The one thing this comic does really well is showing how young Solo did not fit in with the Empire. But, other then that we get a story of a Han Solo we already knew.


The Art.

The art in the comic is ok. The bright colors at times contradicted the dark image of Corellia that the movie and the past comic as shown us. The images from Han’s training did  a good job of giving that miserable feeling one would have during basic training.  The character art is another story. The last comic depicted Han to look like either Harrison Ford or Alden Ehrenreich.  The characters in this comic, however, have a simple look to them. Perhaps the look is too simplistic. The lack detail made them look out of place and at times distract you from the story.


Final Thoughts.

Just like in my review of Solo: A Star Wars Story #1I was very disappointed in the way the comic failed to hold my attention. The lack of new content in Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #1 just made me feel like I was getting a review of what happened in the movie again. They took to long to get to the new content to me. When they did add the new content it just felt rushed and out of place. Now don’t get me wrong I still think this series can be saved. It just needs to get away from movie and comic adaptation and tell its own story. So, on my Hashtag rating scale I give Han Solo – Imperial Cadet 4 Hashtags out of 10.

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