Through toys scans we get our first look at the newest Sentai Kishiryu Sentai Ryusouger. The 43th Sentai Ryusouger theme is dinsaur knights. The team is made up of five members Red T-rex, Blue Triceratops, Pink Ankylosaurus, Green Sabertooth Tiger, and. Black Stegosaurus.

They transform using the Rysou Changer which appears a wrist mounted transformation device. They plug in Ryu Souls into the changer that are dinosaur heads that transform into knights. Extra Ryo Souls can be stored in the Ryo Soul Buckle. Each Ranger also gets a sword/gun weapon called the Ryo SouKen. It also looks like you can holster the Ryo SouKen on the belt along with your Ryu Souls.

Their mecha are unique this season. The main mecha is the Red Rangers T-Rex that turns into KishiRyuOh. The other mecha instead of becoming limbs they are all form weapons or armor for the Red Megazord. When the Blue and Pink Zords combine with KishiRyo we get a combo called KishiRyuOh Three Knights. When the Green Zord combines with KishiRyuOh we get KishiRyuOh Tiger Lance. When the Black Zord combines with KishiRyuOh we get KishiRyuOh MiNeedle.

With these new scans of Ryusouger I’m very excited to see how these new ideas play out in the series. Are you excited for Ryusouger if so leave a comment below!