Now that Hasbro owns Power Rangers, lining up the popular franchise with some of its other properties like G.I. Joe and Transformers is almost inevitable. The trend in films and even comics is a shared universe and Hasbro is also looking into this idea.

IDW did a similar event with the Hasbro’s franchise called Revolution in the comics, which included MASK, Mircronauts, ROM The Space Knight, G.I. Joe, Visionaries, Action Man, and Transformers. If Bumblebee is a success this winter, we can definitely start seeing the seeds planted cinematically. One person that has an idea to converge the universe’s the man that made the most successful Power Rangers fan films in history called Power/ Rangers.

Adi spoke with Screen Rant, explaining exactly how his idea would play out.

“Yeah, so I would lean into the Shattered Grid, open up the idea of the multiverse, Rangers from across dimensions. The multiverse right? But I think there’s a really amazing opportunity here where we never really explored where the Zords came from. Right? …So what if the Zords are really are from another planet and they come from one planet and that planet’s called Cybertron. And they’re really just like these devices where…you know how the robots in Transformers are basically sentient? What if they’re really just humans who took their minds and put it in the Cloud but the Cloud was a robot, so they’re basically like cocoons for humans to transfer their consciousness into. And these are early, so basically the Zords are basically the Dinobots and they’re just early Transformers before the consciousness, so they’re really vessels for the Power Rangers to upload their consciousness into. I’m leaning too heavily into the consciousness thing because I don’t know if that makes sense, but it makes sense to me…And then you set up the idea like, Godzilla happened and the world has to defend itself against one guy…Take Pacific Rim. People freak out about this stuff. And you can kind of lean into this idea that’s there’s this private military force that’s been constructed to take this out, called G.I. Joe. But they are really like WTF, we can’t fight these giant monsters that keep appearing, we don’t know where they are coming from. Oh by the way there are these kids…it’s almost like that Ultimate Spider-Man thing where Peter Parker had these powers but Nick Fury is like “hey we’re tracking you.”

It looks like Shankar was a fan of Shattered Gird and this would be the catalyst that start it all. His idea would work and is something that fans would love to see eventually. Shankar would also be a great producer to helm this world, but the question is would it be as gritty as his Power/ Rangers fan film?

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