Stephen King’s The Stand has finally revealed the casting for Trashcan Man. Who is it? Fantastic Beasts and Justice League star Ezra Miller plays the role of the schizophrenic pyromaniac in the new adaptation.


The Story

The Stand tells the story of a worldwide pandemic “superflu” that kills 99% of the population. With survivors drawn to one of two camps, Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård) recruits Trashcan Man to his side. In a battle between good and evil, Trash just wants to chase the fire.

Trashcan Man

“[Miller’s] a huge fan of the book and had fallen in love with this character and wanted to play it for a long time. On our first call, he described Trash as ‘the embodiment of pyromania.’ The only thing this guy was capable of, and the only area in life he was comfortable, were with the explosives and instruments of fire and destruction,” Showrunner Benjamin Cavell told EW. “It’s so different from any way that anyone has seen Ezra before, and he’s so committed to it,” Cavell said.

As for the costume, Miller suggested “fireproof underwear” as the inspiration. “I was very interested in working directly with the wardrobe department in creating a look based entirely on the practical demands of the character’s pyromania. Trash wears nothing but what is necessary to craft incendiaries, ignite them, and get as close to the flames as possible – in order to revel in the fire,” Miller told EW.

“Trash is the underestimated and misinterpreted amongst us,” Miller said. As for how Cavell feels about Miller’s performance in this iconic role, he said, “No matter how strangely he’s behaving there’s always this Ezra Miller soul as a twinkle coming through. I can’t say enough about how brilliant he is.”

How will Ezra Miller’s version of Trashy compare with Matt Frewer’s version from the 1994 mini-series? We will get our first peek soon enough. The Stand premiers on CBS All Access on December 17th.