The Green Psycho Ranger was introduced in MMPR Issue #20, and now we are getting more of his backstory in the Year 2 Hardcover of the comics.


His origins take place about halfway through the book in a story called “Psychotic.” The story takes things back to the planet of Xybria, where the Supersonic Power Rangers call home. Now, the name might not be familiar, but for Sentai fans, the suits will be because they are from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman. 

The crew includes a Red, Blue, Black, Pink, and Yellow squad. There is also a Green Ranger, named Trek, who doesn’t get along with the leader at all. Ace, who is the Red Ranger, bases all of his decisions on visions he has. So Turk was assigned to the ship again, and this time, he wasn’t having it.

So Trek then decides to confront Ace about it, and they just argue. Star, the Pink Ranger, breaks them up, and it does get revealed later on that Trek and Star were romantically involved. But before Trek can say he loves her, Star stops him, and she gets upset at him for bringing it back up, as she is now with Ace.

Star also mentioned that she was scared for Trek, because she can’t read his thoughts anymore, and that what she sees it bitterness. Trek start to plead with Star, but she has to go with the Rangers to battle, leaving Trek alone to watch the battle from the ship.

So, the other Rangers go to their objective to help save hostages, but the building they head into explodes, and Trek watched it from afar. He then walks toward the other Rangers, and they are all laying out on the ground from the blast. He then tells Star, “you made your choice. Goodbye.” Trek then notices that Ace is alive and says that he was the one that set the explosion. Trek then calls the Rangers “a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites”, and says that he is going to be the one “to light the flame for any team that comes after.” This is then followed by Trek shooting Ace, and therefore the other Rangers are taken out as well.

Trek then goes to Planet Infernus to report to Dark Specter. And through Dark Spector’s avatar, he tells Trek that he is pleased with him. Trek then steps down, and changes into the first of Dark Spector’s Rangers, combining his morpher and Dark Spector’s energy, to form the first Psycho Ranger: Psycho Green.


So now that you guys know how the Psycho Green Ranger got his powers. you can read the story in full in the Hardcover version of the Year 2 comics.

Source: Comicbook