The Instagram account for the upcoming HBO television series Watchmen debuted back in October with a motion photo of a yellow masked police officer. The photo and the accompanying caption of “Who Watches The Watchmen?” didn’t reveal any plot details.

In the past few days, two more motion photos were released which give us better looks of the mysterious police force who don yellow face masks. However, what they don’t reveal is anything about the series and its storyline.

The first photo’s caption is a repeated phrase found in the Watchmen comic book, so no clues there.

The second photo’s caption reads “Masks Save Lives” but it’s completely unclear if the yellow masks are used for protection from air pollutants or just to disguise the faces of the officers.

The third photo’s caption of “Hiding in plain sight” is equally cryptic and unrevealing.

The only new confirmed detail is that the second photo shows the patches on the officers’ uniforms reads “Tulsa Police” so it looks like the show is taking us to Oklahoma.

The central conflict of Watchmen is that superhero activity is illegal so it does make sense that law enforcement will play an important part in the series.

Damon Lindelof has confirmed that this new series won’t be an adaptation of the graphic novel nor will it be a sequel but it will be set in the world that was established in the original story.

The show is slated to premiere sometime in 2019.


‘Watchmen’ Set Photos Give Us First Glimpse Of Hooded Justice