Former FBI agent Richard Wright will go deep-undercover in the brand-new AMERICAN CARNAGE

A new, original series begins today from writer Bryan Edward Hill (Ash Vs. Evil DeadTitansPostal)  and artist Leandro Fernandez (Punisher: Max,The Old Guard). This fictional tale will feel more relevant than ever as it roots itself in present political and social issues while striving to open up a dialogue about fear in America, and how it is used to gather or divide.

The series focuses on biracial ex-FBI agent Richard Wright, who is asked by a former colleague to go undercover to infiltrate a white supremacy group who they believe murdered another agent. Wright, who is white-passing, does this and in the process becomes deeply embedded into their world.

In order to create an authentic story, true to the experiences of our world today, Hill worked extensively to speak with and attempt to understand the mentality of similar extremist groups. The result is a story that is complex, at times dangerous and unsettling, but a true representation of the fear that Americans are experiencing on a daily basis.

Coming this December from DC Vertigo:

Next month brings GODDESS MODE from award-winning game developer/author Zoë Quinn and artist Robbi Rodriguez. In a near future where humanity’s needs are provided for by a godlike A.I., it’s one young woman’s horrible job to perform tech support on it. But Cassandra’s life changes forever when she discovers a hidden digital world beneath our own, one where a group of super-powered women are locked in a secret war—attempting to break free into reality.