Circle 6 Wrestling sold out shows in Denver, New York, Chicago, and Nashville. They also hosted a massive event in Philadelphia during Wrestlemania XL weekend. Now they are bringing their unique brand of hardcore professional wrestling back to the City of Angels this week. 

Touted as the “wildest battleground in town,” the promotion returns to their home territory of Los Angeles for Barroom Blitz. The insane action is set to take place on May 10, 2024 at Knucklehead Hollywood. And just as they’ve done all around the country, this show will combine the madness and mayhem of a night out at the bar with live music and unpredictable no-ring wrestling matches. 

Previously, Circle 6 has hosted some of the biggest names in the death match game today, including AJ Gray, Tyler Bateman, AKIRA, and 2023 King of the Deathmatches Bobby Beverly. “The Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu, rumored to join his dominant family members in WWE soon, previously appeared in the company. But this time around, the roster includes Rob Shit, Casanova Valentine, Matthew Justice, Peter Avalon, Zicky Dice, and Buck Skynr. Though the card is currently a mystery, with a murderer’s row of talent like these, any match-up involving this group is sure to be a slobberknocker. 

The rabid crowd at Circle 6 Wrestling

While these competitors prepare to turn up the violence with in-your-face action all over Knucklehead, two bands will turn up the volume onstage throughout the night. First up is Barrio Slam. Hailing from Pomona, they look to unleash their brand of Chicano Hardcore this Friday night. Joining them will be Damnage from Los Angeles, who look to induct the Circle 6 faithful into the #DAMNATION before the night is through. 

No one knows for sure what will go down during this homecoming for one of the top death match promotions in the country, but it’s definitely going to be a wild time. To get your tickets, please visit the Circle 6 shop.    

The poster for Circle 6 Barroom Blitz
The poster for Circle 6 Barroom Blitz