The Los Angeles based promotion Circle 6 returns home to where it all began. Circle 6 will celebrate the two year anniversary of the promotion’s first show with a double dose of shows this weekend.

To say Circle 6 has had a cult-like following is an understatement. The promotion started with running its first ever show in Los Angeles called Skewered Live from the 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles. Since the first show, the promotion made it known that it was going to be one of the few to truly embrace the deathmatch/hardcore elements of professional wrestling that not many were using. The first show was main evented by Atticus Cogar vs Masada. Two years later, Atticus is now one of the focal points of the promotion and has gone on to be one of the more successful independent wrestlers in the US.

Another stalwart? “The Bev” Bobby Beverly, who solidified himself as one of the best deathmatch/hardcore wrestlers in the world by being in every high profile match the promotion has run. From tagging with his partner Eric Ryan, to wrestling in one of the promotion’s well received matches against Matthew Justice during WrestleMania weekend, his Ultra-Violent Kumite with Akira to capping off last year with winning the King of the Deathmatch tournament. The Bev has done it for the promotion in the element that Circle 6 wants to be known for.

This weekend’s Circle 6 shows will culminate what is probably the bloodiest, cult like, and downright entertaining/fresh take a wrestling promotion can have from its first show to its two year anniversary show. It’s only logical to place the two focal points of the promotion in the show’s co-main events, as the anniversary show will be headlined by Bobby Beverly teaming up with current Circle 6 World Champion Matthew Justice against Jacob Fatu and Journey Fatu. Jacob was also on the first show the promotion held.

The co-main event will feature the Cogar brothers (Atticus and Otis) vs the team of Drake Younger and Dale Patricks. If there is one thing we have grown accustomed to at these shows, it’s that there will not be enough glass, chairs, tables, and weapons in the 1720 Warehouse to contain the violence that Circle 6 causes at each of their shows.

After two years running and countless events since its first show, the promotion has only grown and shown that this style of wrestling is not a niche and some trend, but something special. When given the proper timing and creativity, these can be a successful and stable way to run a promotion. Heck, the promotion has its Barroom Blitz shows which is the newest and freshest take on wrestling in a long time.

Catch the company’s double dose weekend in Los Angeles on March 2-3. If you cannot make it to the area, you can catch EIP Circle 6 anniversary show on Triller this Sunday live from the 1720 Warehouse.

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