While the original version of The Crow starring Brandon Lee might be a stone-cold cult classic, that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from trying to rekindle that magic. There’s been multiple sequels, video games, comic books, and now a reboot. The new movie, which releases in theaters on June 7th, 2024 from director Rupert Sanders and written by Zach Baylin and William Schneider. It stars Bill Skarsgard, FKA twigs, and Danny Huston. Here’s the synopsis.

Bill Skarsgård takes on the iconic role of THE CROW in this modern reimagining of the original graphic novel by James O’Barr.

Soulmates Eric Draven (Skarsgård) and Shelly Webster (FKA twigs) are brutally murdered when the demons of her dark past catch up with them. Given the chance to save his true love by sacrificing himself, Eric sets out to seek merciless revenge on their killers, traversing the worlds of the living and the dead to put the wrong things right.

While fans might be disappointed by a reboot of the classic film; it looks at least like they’re trying to make it different enough from the original.

The Crow Bill Skarsgard

Judging by the look of Eric Draven in this film, they did that. Skarsgard doesn’t really look like Brandon Lee’s portrayal of the character. That performance was based on the rock stars of the time in the ’90s, whereas this one feels like a modern update. I know that’s going to annoy some people to the point of ridiculing the image, but after all, its a still image, and not the full movie in motion.

We’ll have to see when The Crow releases in theaters on June 7th.

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