Bob Marley: One Love must be having Paramount feeling alright as the movie was the number-one movie this past weekend.

The Box Office Goes To Bob Marley

According to Box Office Mojo, Bob Marley: One Love was the number-one movie this weekend. Beating out the other new release, Madame Web. The movie made $27.7 Million. While the movie was projected to make $27-$33 Million it didn’t bring in as much business past its pre-sales. The movie has a $70 Million budget, so it still has a ways to go before it can be considered profitable.

Madame Web was in the second-place spot and made $15.2 million which is well below the projected $25 to $35 million it was supposed to make. However poor critical reception has significantly hurt the movie’s chance of doing well. The movie has an $80 Million budget and is at this point not likely to make its money back.

The Rest Of The Box Office

Argylle placed third and made $4.7 Million. The movie has thus far made $37 Million domestically and $77 Million internationally. The movie is likely not going to make back its $200 million budget. Migration was in fourth with $3.8 Million. The Chosen: S4 Episodes 4-6 was in fifth with $3.4 Million.

Next Weekend’s New Releases

Next weekend sees the release of Drive-Away Dolls and Ordinary Angels. Drive-Away Dolls is projected to make $2-$4 Million and with very little promotion as of current, it may not even meet its projected amount. Ordinary Angels is projected to make $5-$10 Million but that also feels wildly optimistic. The movie may also not make a huge impact next weekend.

As always we’ll find out next week!

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