Need a moment of zen going into your weekend? We’ve got one for you – admittedly, from an unexpected source. Get ready to keep calm and Po on with this special Kung Fu Panda guided meditation.

Let the dragon warrior himself lead you on your meditation journey. “Be Calm and Po” is Po’s attempt to lead you to the Zen zone, but with his track record, you might need to expect more panda-monium than serenity. Either way, you can tune in on the Universal Pictures YouTube channel.

Jack Black reprises his voice role as Po the panda for the special 4-hour meditation. And while Jack Black might not be the kind of energy you expect for meditation, aren’t you intrigued by the potential for blending chaos and calm? As the promo from Dreamworks describes it, when Po’s in charge, you never know whether to expect inner peace or inner peas.

Po’s meditation will stream on YouTube from 9am – 1pm PT on February 16.

Black will next return as Po in the upcoming feature Kung Fu Panda 4. In Kung Fu Panda 4, Po faces his biggest challenge yet as he assumes the role of Spiritual Leader of the Valley of Peace. As Po grapples with his new responsibilities, he must also confront a formidable new villain, The Chameleon, voiced by Viola Davis. Just like in “Be Calm and Po,” the film explores themes of finding balance amidst chaos, laughter and martial arts mayhem.

Kung Fu Panda 4 premieres in theaters March 8. 

Meanwhile, check back to THS for more updates.

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