As Madame Web hits theaters, it doesn’t hurt to get to know more about Cassandra Web, also known as Madame Web, in preparation for the film. Here are the top five Madame Web comics you should read.

The Amazing Spider-Man #210 “The Prophecy of Madame Web” (1980)

Starting with the first comic from 1980, where Madame Web made her first appearance and meets Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man issue #210 reveals that Madame Web which we all know has a psychic-like ability. However, her appearance also shows she’s blind while sitting on a web-based chair that is her life support system. Due to her condition being paralyzed, the chair created by her late husband Jonathan Web is the reason she is living.

As the comic goes more into detail about Madame Web, the story takes readers to Spider-Man not only meeting her but also saving her student Belinda Bell. With the help of her ability, she’s able to provide Spider-Man clues to where Belinda is located after being captured by Rupert Dockery’s hoodlums. The situation started as Dockery wanted to dispose of K.J. Clayton, the head of Daily Globe to gain control. The reason for Bell’s involvement is to pose as Clayton so no one could suspect. After saving Bell and Clayton from Dockery, Peter receives a call from Madame Web congratulating him for his mission but also letting him know that his secret is safe.

Spider-Woman Volume 3 #1 “There Can Only Be One” (1999)

Released in 1999 and written by John Byrn. The story starts with Madame Web teaming up with three different Spider-Women featuring Julia Carpenter, Mattie Franklin, and Jessica Drew. Reason they were brought together is to stop her granddaughter Charlotte Witter from kidnapping former business associates. In other words, Web’s granddaughter is an evil version of Spider-Women which makes the story more interesting.

Knowing that there is a battle between Witter and the other Spider-Women shows the act of teamwork. Most important is Web’s ability to unite different versions of spider-people aside from the girls. This comic does have a similar concept to the film when it comes to a group of Spider-women.

The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 #229 “Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut” (1982)

In the Amazing Spider-Man issue #229, written by Roger Stern, we can understand how important Web is due to her powers. Any villain like Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut would do whatever it takes to use her for evil. In this issue, Madame Web becomes a target because Cassidy and Juggernaut want to use her ability to predict the X-men’s movements. A plan to defeat the X-Men using Web’s vision which she won’t let it occur with the help of Spider-Man.

As she warns Spider-Man about Juggernaut’s location in Battery Park, he rushes to stop him but ends up being unsuccessful. Leading the strong villain to reach Madame Web in her apartment and take her off the chair. With Web’s life being near close to death, Juggernaut gave up and left her on the floor. However, Spider-Man being the hero he is, successfully revived her while taken to the hospital. So much for a battle of life and death, since Web didn’t end up in the hand of Cassidy.

The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 #441 “And Who Shall Claim a Kingly Crown” (1998)

Things are becoming more interesting with Madame Web and did you know in issue #441 she’s part of a ceremony known as the Gathering of Five. A group gathered by Norman Osborn which not only includes Web but also Mattie Franklin, Greg Herd, and Morris Maxwell. The purpose of the gathering is that one of the three members will obtain either power, immortality, and knowledge. While the other two will obtain a brutal curse of death and insanity, according to Maxwell.

As Maxwell began the chant, each member had a shard artifact that unveiled their gift and curse. Beginning with Web, as she placed her shard piece down, she ended up dead. The other two members did receive a gift while Maxwell obtained insanity. Sadly, Web died during the gathering but it’s surprising that she was part of the group alongside Osborn.

The Amazing Spider-Man Volume 1 #637 “Grim Hunt Pt. 4” (2010)

Saving the best for last, which does included two characters Julia Carpenter and Anya Corazon, also featured in the film. Both characters happen to join forces with Spider-Man and Madame Web as they’re facing against Kraven’s family. Things get brutal as the Kravens kidnap Web which also leads to the daughter of Kraven, Ana Kravinoff murdering her. During Web’s final moments, which does get interesting since her powers gets pass on to Julia Carpenter, making her the next Madame Web.

One of the greatest but saddest stories told about Cassandra Web. She has become an important character to the spider verse due to her mutant ability, making her unique since her story did not begin after being bitten by a radio active spider. However, we can not forget about how important Julia Carpenter is as the new Madame Web. Hopefully, the film does reference the comic aspect of Sydney Sweeney’s character (Julia Carpenter) aside from being Spider-Woman especially Dakota Johnson, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor characters.

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Sony’s Madame Web hits theaters on February 14.