So when it comes to Los Angeles based teams, the only one I have any affinity for is the Galaxy. The story goes that I was a MetroStars fan when the MLS debuted in 1996, but between the “Superclub” era of the Galaxy, the cheap season tickets, the Donovan and Beckham frenzy, and the spell Juan Pablo Angel had on the squad, I’ve stayed pretty true to the Blue, White and Gold. This is especially poignant as LAFC (née Chivas USA) has essentially become the club of record here in the Southland.

I say that because I think the G’s realized that LAFC are doing well, there are more eyes on MLS than ever before, and Galaxy hasn’t been relevant in a decade. So they teamed up with Apple (and their MLS Season Pass digital package) and the MLS itself to offer a “training day” PR activation for media outlets. Los Angeles-based outlets (from sports, fashion, food, and independent creators) were offered a chance to see presentations about the team, eat the same meals that players ate, see the grounds, train like the players do all while wearing official LAG merch. 

The only downside was that the otherwise perpetually sunny SoCal region was under a deluge of rain. So the idea of out- of-shape journos and influencers running on the pitch shifted to running drills in the team gym. There was also a spot for “interviews,” but it didn’t quite go the way I thought it would have.

Starting the day with Galaxy goodies

I already had my Galaxy hat from a giveaway night the season prior, but we were asked to show up in athletic attire. The Galaxy (or Civic, the event’s PR agency of record) provided vouchers for Ubers to and from the stadium, which was a godsend on that soggy Thursday.

After checking in and being led into the belly of the stadium, we were shown our lockers for the day. So cool to see your name on the side like you had just signed a contract, and it was FILLED with goodies. I like a good swag bag, here’s what was included:

  • Full jersey kit
  • Old Spice deodorant
  • Fresh pair of cleats
  • MLS season pass branded sweatshirt
  • LA Galaxy 2024 schedule card
  • Apple TV 4K
  • HDMI cable
  • Beats rechargeable earbuds
  • And the signage customized with your name was removable to take home
Custom lockers full of Galaxy swag

In all honesty, if we sat in a room, listened to some presentations and picked up our stuff, it would already have been a perfect event. But that’s just the start.

After putting down my umbrella I was led into the TV room. There we saw presentations from the league and the broadcast team over at Apple. The MLS Season Pass package has all MLS games with no blackouts. Without hyperbole, it’s probably going to be the future of sports as more Tier 1-A leagues like the MLS (or Spring Football, or sports of that level of popularity) decide to bundle their offerings in a time where streamers are looking for any content advantage.

Facilities Tour & Galaxy-level Training

Next up came a tour of the facilities. And after that, we were led into a “training room” where we got a full warm up the way the team does.

After that was lunch in the Stadium Club lounge, a quick photo op, and departing from the stadium. The group also had a little happy hour reception at the westdrift Hotel that night (which I went to), but because of the gap of the day and the weather, the vast majority of people kind of fell off. There were some good cookies though.

All in all, it felt great to be “a G” for one day in this simulated fantasy camp scenario. I was telling officials that MLB teams would offer things similar to this to paying customers at $3K-$6K for a week’s worth of the activities we got to experience gratis. 

Personally, I am once again a Galaxy season ticket holder this year, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing the team up close during a couple of games this season. Now, I’ll have some more swag on hand to support.

Check out our video below for more behind-the-scenes footage from our training day with LA Galaxy.


Recently we were lucky enough to get invited by the Los Angeles Galaxy for a MLS media training day! @Flobo Boyce got to experience a day in a life of a Galactico. Fans can watch all MLS matches, including playoffs, with no blackouts on MLS Season Pass on Apple TV! #MLS #mlscup #appletv #lagalaxy #soccer #football #soccertiktok #footballtiktok

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