It’s been a while since we’ve had a good mock interview series or show. The likes of Jiminy Glick or Space Ghost Coast To Coast are behind us. However, Peacock is looking to change that with In The Know from Zach Woods, Brandon Gardner, and Mike Judge. Here’s the official synopsis from Peacock.

Lauren Caspian is NPR’s third most popular host. He’s a well-meaning, hypocritical nimrod, just like you and me. He’s also a stop motion puppet. Each episode follows the making of an episode of Lauren’s show In the Know, in which Lauren conducts in-depth interviews with real world human guests. Lauren collaborates with a diverse crew of NPR staff. They are also puppets and nimrods.

Check out the first trailer for In The Know below!

Zach Woods and Brandon Gardner, the series’ creators had this to say in a note.

We love public radio. It’s engaging and comforting. But it also reflects aspects of ourselves that we’re embarrassed by. Which is why we created a show about an NPR host who is, sadly, an only slightly exaggerated version of ourselves.

We’re privileged, well intentioned, guilty hypocrites. We buy ethically-sourced dog treats and have them delivered by people who are penalized for bathroom breaks. We put “No Justice No Peace” signs next to our home security lawn decals. We’re sanctimonious doofuses who should be ridiculed more.

As we get more isolated in our respective echo chambers, we’re desperate to connect with people who are different from us through honest conversation and humor. We try to provide both on the show. (And even if you think our comedy is literal trash, we hope you’ll enjoy the gorgeous animation from the stop-motion geniuses at ShadowMachine.)

We want this show to start funny, scary, friendly conversations. We want to portray people who are possibly irredeemable but hopefully still loveable. And at the center of all of this is a frail overconfident male puppet with a woman’s name: Lauren Caspian.

In The Know premieres on Peacock on January 25th.

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