It’s pretty clear that when Godzilla Minus One made its theatrical debut in Japan on October 18, 2023; it was a major hit. Critics and audiences alike praised this latest Godzilla film from director Takashi Yamazaki to the stars. Not just in Japan either. Rotten Tomatoes revealed that even international critics and audiences love this 2023 version of Godzilla. Thus, you can understand why this latest entry to the Godzilla franchise is doing so well in the global box office. How well, you might ask? Well, what would you call a gross to the tune of $70 million USD so far?

Godzilla Minus One: Worldwide Gross Details

Godzilla Minus One Twitter image.
I wonder if this will be anywhere near close enough to offset the in-universe damage Godzilla does to Japan?

The official Twitter account of Godzilla Minus One has just posted a Tweet revealing that this latest entry in the Godzilla film franchise has broken a milestone at the global box office. According to them: this Godzilla film has breached 10 billion yen at that global box office. At the current exchange rate as of this writing, that works out to about $70.23 million USD.

That may not seem like much in an absolute sense compared to, say, the latest Disney film, but consider the context. Takashi Yamazaki made Godzilla Minus One on a budget of less than $15 million USD. This film managed to earn back nearly 5 times its budget just under a month after its international debut in most Western nations on December 1, 2023. No matter how you look at it, this latest Godzilla film has more than outdone itself in the box office department. That’s not even going into how this film managed to get put on the shortlist for the Best Visual Effects Oscar. However, that’s another topic entirely.

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