Get ready to snuggle up and get cozy because these independent horror Christmas movies are not your typical holiday fare. Brace yourself for a wild cinematic ride, as most of these films are downright outrageous. Picture this: your cozy evening with a cup of hot cocoa. But instead of heartwarming tales, you’ll be treated to absurd amounts of ridiculous gore that will leave you simultaneously cringing and laughing.

So, if you’re a horror enthusiast looking for something delightfully different to share with your fellow weirdos this holiday season; here are a few of my favorite picks.


In the chilling film Nutcracker Massacre, Clara, a young and struggling romance novelist, eagerly accepts her beloved aunt’s invitation to spend the Christmas holidays at her secluded countryside cottage. Upon her arrival, Clara is greeted by the quaint charm of the cottage, adorned with festive decorations. However, her attention is immediately drawn to a life-sized nutcracker doll standing proudly beside the Christmas tree.

As the night unfolds, and to Clara’s horror, the once-inanimate figure comes to life! In a gruesome turn of events, the animated nutcracker mercilessly attacks a delivery man. The shocking brutality marks only the beginning of the doll’s reign of terror, as Clara finds herself plunged into a nightmare that defies all logic and reason.

SAINT (2011)

Dive into the thrilling chaos of the Dutch wild holiday movie, Saint, where the traditional image of jolly old Saint Nick takes a spine-chilling turn. This original and delightfully gruesome slasher film daringly re-imagines Santa Claus as a malevolent bishop with a sinister agenda, executing a grisly prophecy under the eerie glow of the December full moon. Saint unfolds as a dark and creative yuletide horror, weaving a tale that is equal parts festive and terrifying.

The film centers around local teen Frank, who unexpectedly finds himself at the heart of a blood-soaked battle to save Amsterdam from the wrathful “Sinterklaas” and his menacing minions. As the story unfolds, Frank is thrust into a high-energy and harrowing quest. Navigating the treacherous landscape of a city plunged into chaos by the murderous holiday figure. Saint promises a rollercoaster ride of thrills. Blending festive cheer with intense horror, as the characters fight for survival against the malevolent forces unleashed by the once-beloved Christmas icon.


In the Canadian horror short film Treevenge, the idyllic setting of a hillside becomes the haunting backdrop as foul-mouthed lumberjacks descend upon a grove of innocent trees. This dark and twisted tale takes an unconventional perspective on the holiday tradition of cutting down Christmas trees, revealing the horrifying ordeal these trees endure. The lumberjacks heartlessly chop down the trees, load them onto trucks, and transport them to Christmas tree lots. Where families unknowingly participate in their own macabre selection process.

Throughout the unsettling journey, the trees express their anguish with audible squeals of pain. Showcasing the emotional toll of their separation from family and friends. The film delves into the trees’ fears of the unknown and the despair they feel witnessing the bizarre rituals of families decorating them for Christmas. However, on Christmas morning, the once-silent trees retaliate, turning the tables on their human oppressors. Viewers are left to brace themselves for a grisly and unexpected twist, as man, woman, child, and even pets may find themselves facing a chilling and bloody end at the hands of the vengeful trees.


If you’re a fan of the classic thriller JAWS and have a soft spot for low-budget CGI kills, then Santa Jaws is a holiday treat tailor-made for you. This film combines the charm of low-budget filmmaking with festive Christmas themes, bringing to life the whimsical creation of a nerdy child’s comic book through the backstory of a magical pen. Enter the fantastical world of Santa Jaws, where a Christmas-themed shark, comes to life with glowing eyes reminiscent of Rudolph’s nose, a candy cane horn that skewers its victims, and colored strands of Xmas lights doubling as lethal lassos. To top it all off, the beast sports a Santa hat covering its dorsal fin. Blending the terror of a shark with the jolly spirit of Christmas.

This wild cinematic ride takes the absurdity to new heights. With the cast fully embracing the over-the-top nature of the concept. Puns, silliness, and a healthy dose of holiday cheer permeate the film as the characters navigate the chaos brought about by the unholy union of a festive season and a bloodthirsty shark. Santa Jaws is a gleefully outrageous experience that showcases the magic of imagination and the joy of embracing the absurd. Making it a must-watch for those who appreciate a unique blend of horror and holiday hilarity.


If you are looking for the perfect blend of ultimate holiday horror havoc and the unexpected delight of a drunken William Shatner; look no further than A Christmas Horror Story. This film weaves together multiple chilling narratives, creating a tapestry of terror that spans the festive season. High school students become amateur detectives, delving into a mysterious homicide that unfolded during the previous holiday season.

Simultaneously, a couple begins to question the eerie behavior of their young son following a seemingly innocent trip to a snowy forest to cut down a traditional Christmas tree. The film also introduces us to a family whose festive celebration turns nightmarish as they find themselves relentlessly stalked through a winter wonderland by Krampus, the malevolent Christmas demon. And as if that weren’t enough. At the North Pole, Santa himself is forced to fend off zombie elves. Adding a bizarre and horrifying twist to the holly, jolly atmosphere.

A Christmas Horror Story boldly embraces the darker side of the holiday season. Offering a multifaceted horror experience that combines supernatural elements with the traditional festivities. The film’s diverse storylines, each rife with suspense and terror. Converge to create a uniquely twisted take on Christmas. Making it a must-watch for those who relish the idea of holiday cheer taking a spine-chilling turn.


Break away from the usual holiday traditions and consider adding a touch of macabre to your festive gatherings by introducing a horror movie to the mix. While many opt for the familiar warmth of holiday classics; there’s something uniquely thrilling about infusing a bit of absurd gore into your seasonal celebrations. Whether you’re surrounded by fellow horror enthusiasts or aiming to become the legend of the next family gathering, these horror films promise to add a spine-chilling twist to the usual holiday cheer. Embrace the unconventional and let the absurdity of these films brighten up your holidays in a way that’s both unexpected and delightfully eerie. Prepare for a holiday celebration that blends the joy of the season with a healthy dose of horror mischief. At least Krampus would approve.

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