SAG-AFTRA after 118 days on strike, will end its labor stoppage. They’ve agreed to a deal for a new three-year contract with the studios. The SAG TV/Theatrical Committee approved the agreement via unanimous vote on Wednesday. The strike will officially end on Thursday at 12:01 am. Friday, the deal will go to the national board of SAG-AFTRA for approval.

Both sides aren’t saying what exactly is in the deal yet. The sticking points have been residuals for actors based on streaming shows and the use of AI. Studios want to replace and replicate background actors so that they don’t have to pay them. Actors also want better pay across the board from the top down to the lowest level. They also want to ensure that actors get health and safety benefits from the studios. As of late, the biggest point of contention has been paying based on streaming.

This is a developing story, we’ll keep you updated when more news breaks.

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