The Writers Guild Of America got their deal with the studios, which means they can all start heading back to work on movies and TV. Marvel Studios, who’s seen plenty of turmoil with their release schedule due to the COVID-10 pandemic, strikes, and more, are also hitting the ground running. According to Deadline, they’re bringing in writers for their open assignments. One of those open assignments is X-Men.

Marvel Studios is in no rush to fill the assignment and the film doesn’t have a release date. Because we’re so late in the year, the position isn’t likely to be filled until early 2024. Even though this is about as early development gets on a film, this is still incredibly exciting for X-Men fans. Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and its film library in 2019. With that merger, came the rights to all the Fox Marvel characters like Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and X-Men. Of those big three, Marvel has announced Fantastic Four, and Deadpool 3 was filming before the strikes began.

The last X-Men movie we’ve seen was Dark Phoenix. That film aimed to adapt the absolutely massive and essential storyline for the X-Men, and did so in a mediocre way. It was not a success at the box office and all but sealed the fate of the 20th Century Marvel characters.

Famously, the X-Men are a favorite of Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige. He has been personally overseeing the development process at Marvel for the characters and movie, but like with the writers search, they haven’t been in any rush.

Evidence Of The X-Men In The MCU Already

We’ve had plenty of instances in the MCU so far where there have been small teases or mentions about the X-Men. They’re among the most popular characters in Marvel Comics’ arsenal. The Ms. Marvel finale mentioned the word “mutant” for the first time, and even had a small soundtrack nod to the classic theme song for X-Men: The Animated Series. That word for a long time was actually banned from the MCU films because Fox had the rights. So Wanda and Pietro in Avengers: Age Of Ultron had to be called “gifted” instead of mutants.

That’s not all we’re getting from the X-Men however, there’s also X-Men ’97. It’s the sequel to that classic animated series that’ll air on Disney+ in early 2024. Most of the original voice cast and crew are returning for this successor.

The X-Men aren’t the only likely candidates for writers to come in and work on. Marvel Studios has plenty of other movies and series in the pipeline that they can drop writers on to work. The last domino to fall before Hollywood returns to work fully is the SAG-AFTRA strike. We hope that the actors can get a fair deal like the WGA did.

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