[Spoiler-free review.] For those wondering if Gen V, the spinoff from Amazon Prime Video’s hit series The Boys, would be just as over-the-top, raunchy, bloody, gutsy, gory, and funny as its predecessor…. Whoa boy. The answer to all of the above is a resounding yes. But… the new series is also so much more. Sure, the series starts off with the same gruesome, diabolical cringe-worthiness we’ve come to know and expect from the parent series. And yes, admittedly, it’s that shock factor that will bring a lot of fans of The Boys to Gen V.  There’s something deeper within this spinoff, however, both literally and figuratively, that will keep those fans coming.

Here’s the official synopsis from Amazon:

From the world of The Boys comes Gen V, a thrilling new series set at America’s only college for superheroes. These gifted students put their moral boundaries to the test, competing for the university’s top ranking, and a chance to join The Seven, Vought International’s elite superhero team. When the school’s dark secrets come to light, they must decide what kind of heroes they want to become.

Gen V matches and, in some ways, outshines The Boys

Gen V; The Boys

The spinoff series primarily focuses on Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair), a super who’s able to control and weaponize blood. Joining her is a misfit group of students all vying for cred and clout, including Emma (Lizzy Broadway), Andre (Chance Perdomo), Cate (Maddie Phillips), and Jordan, a bi-gendered supe that Derek Luh and London Thor collectively play to perfection. What sets Gen V apart from The Boys is how this group not only deals with their respective powers, but also with the stigma, shame, discrimination, pressure, and expectations that come with them.

Gen V; The Boys
Jaz Sinclair (L) and Lizzy Broadway (R) sat in Gen V for Amazon Prime Video. (Image: Amazon Prime Video)

Each are sucked into the dark underside of Godolkin University by an incident that occurs in the series’ early episodes. From there they embark, both collectively and individually, on journeys to discover (or uncover) the lies, deceptions, and manipulations that enshroud their super-powered lives. Those journeys are expectedly raunchy, bloody, and hysterical, putting Gen V on par with The Boys. It’s the unexpected, emotional rabbit hole into which the series pulls you, however, that propels it even further. Lizzy Broadway’s performance, in particular, makes the series well worth the watch.

Gen V premieres on Amazon Prime Video September 29th. For more on Season 4 of The Boys, click HERE.