As we near the end of Summer, Fall begins to approach, and with it, colder weather, more indoor days, and certainly more binge-watching await us as we look for shows to binge-watch this Fall.

However, there’s a lot of content to binge! Between multiple streaming services and other mediums, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of content out there. Luckily, I’ve compiled a list of shows that, if you haven’t, you should binge this Fall and beyond. These shows are great and benefit from watching during the autumnal season. These are essential Fall shows, ones worth a watch or a re-watch.

The Haunting of Hill House And The Haunting of Bly Manor

While obviously Halloween and the spooky season take up a part of Fall, it’s not the only thing going on during the season. So while it’s not essential to always watch a spooky show, you’re likely going to want to watch something spooky, and showrunner/creator Mike Flanagan created a great host of shows for Netflix; but for our money, you need to check out both of The Haunting series.

Both The Haunting of Hill House And The Haunting of Bly Manor share similar themes, plots, characters, and even actors. So there’s a lot of value in watching both shows, and both are only singular season shows. Meaning you can watch both shows and be looking at around 19 hours altogether.

And as a bonus binge, if you enjoy both of those two shows, you could also watch the equally great Midnight Mass. All three are great shows to binge-watch this fall

Mad Men

Mad Men Fall Binge

Mad Men came out during the time of a TV renaissance. Between Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and countless other shows in the late 2000s/early 2010s. While I think many are quick to point to those shows as being worth your time (and deservedly so) you shouldn’t sleep on Mad Men.

Coming from the mind of Matthew Weiner, who was hot off the heels of The Sopranos. The show also features a flawed male protagonist who is a toxic and sometimes catastrophic force in the lives of those around him.

The show’s first season is admittingly a bit slow in setting up the characters and plot points in the second season and beyond. Once you get into the real meat of the show, it’s a phenomenal show that treats all of its characters and plots with respect and depth. Rarely do you find characters as well-written and performed as you do on Mad Men.

While it does feature some episodes in the Fall, it’s also a very melancholic show that even when not featuring Fall often fits right in with the season itself making it a perfect series to binge-watch this fall.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars And Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars product; star wars rebels; Disney+

While I’d like to say I can choose between these two shows, it’s admittingly hard to do so. Both shows feature great characters, storytelling, and animation. It’s also telling that Lucasfilm and Disney seem to be pulling more and more characters from this show to appear in other media and formats. Undoubtedly you’ll recognize characters like Cad Bane and Ahsoka from their live-action appearances, but you’ll also get to know many other characters that will certainly appear again.

The Crown

Olivia Colman The Crown

The Crown details the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The show features different stages of the monarch’s life, with various actors filling in for different stages of various characters’ lives. It’s a well-made show that features many Autumnal settings that make it perfect for Fall viewing. It’s also about to end this year, so you have some time to catch up before watching the enthralling conclusion.


A great comfort show to watch any time of the year, it makes for a particularly fun Fall watch with multiple Fall themed episodes. Including “The One With the Football” or “The One With the Rumor”. While this one can be enjoyed all year round, it holds a particularly fond place in many people’s hearts during the Fall season.

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone Fall Binge

The original The Twilight Zone ran for five seasons with a total of 156 episodes, and many of these episodes lay the pop culture groundwork for years and decades to come. If you’ve never given this show a chance, you need to find some time this Fall to settle in and watch some old-school spooky content!

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Fall Binge

There is never a right or wrong answer as to which shows to binge during the Fall, except for Gilmore Girls. It’s an essential show to binge-watch this fall.

While the show does feature episodes in Spring and Winter, most of the show takes place in the Fall. For that reason, every year the show skyrockets to the top of the most watched on Netflix during Fall as many flock to rewatch it. It’s a quintessential Fall watch for many in which you follow Lorelei and her daughter Rory as they navigate life, love, and the various people in their lives in the small town of Stars Hollow along with an excellent supporting cast.

The show admittingly has some weaker seasons that fans will debate endlessly as to the order of, but why not find out for yourself? It’s a great show that is both engaging and interesting to watch, but also fun and lighthearted enough that it never feels like a chore to watch. The show also features a ton of recognizable actors and actresses, and you’ll have fun spotting some of your favourite actors pop up throughout the show.

And no, despite what you may hear, it’s not just a show for girls. There are enough interesting characters and plot points that anybody of any age or demographic can enjoy.

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