It looks like Netflix has something big planned for their upcoming Life on Our Planet nature documentary. Big and primordial. In case you didn’t notice the title: I’m talking dinosaurs. That’s right, it looks like the HD dinosaur craze that Apple TV+ started with Prehistoric Planet is catching on with other streaming platforms. Don’t believe me? Then why not check out Netflix’s trailer below, and see the gloriously HD dinosaurs for yourself? Along with other prehistoric creatures, I might add.

Life on Our Planet: Details

What better advertisement can there be than fluffy elephants?

Netflix is proud to announce their upcoming nature documentary Life on Our Planet via the trailer above on YouTube. This particular nature documentary is by the same people behind Our Planet and even has Steven Spielberg as the director. However, as you can see from said trailer, it’s not your typical nature documentary. For one thing, it features prehistoric critters, ranging from the woolly mammoths in the thumbnail to dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs. It seems that a dinosaur mania is catching on in modern media.

Life on Our Planet first look photo 2 featuring unidentified sauropods.
Now if only they showed off the fluffy dinosaurs in the first look photos.

It’s not just dinosaurs though. Life on Our Planet will not only feature life from before the dinosaurs but from after their time as well. In case the woolly mammoths didn’t clue you in, we also have a first-look photo featuring a variety of saber-toothed tigers to show all those Pleistocene critters. With all of their floof on display to boot.

Life on Our Planet first look photo 3 featuring saber-toothed tigers.
Ah, now we finally get fluffy animals to admire.

So when are we going to get to see these HD dinosaurs and other prehistoric critters? Well, the end of that trailer reveals that Life on Our Planet is going to make its global debut on October 25, 2023. As you might expect, this is a Netflix exclusive. Thus, you’re going to need a paid Netflix subscription in order to watch this nature documentary.