The remake of The Toxic Avenger has been in development, production, and now post-production for a while. Well, now it’s time for some of the best news of the day, because we have our first, albeit shadowy, look at Peter Dinklage as the titular Toxic Avenger. The film will make its world premiere at Fantastic Fest 2023 in Austin, Texas next month. This is the first update we’ve had on the picture in ages.

Fantastic Fest tweeted this about the film and its premiere.

“Let’s start with the headline grabbers, Opening night: THE TOXIC AVENGER. Peter Dinklage wields the mop. Jacob Tremblay, Taylour Paige, Elijah Wood and Kevin Bacon rule. Macon Blair directs. [Legendary] produces. FF audiences flip.”

This makes the already must-go event into something truly special. And here’s the image that was accompanying the Tweet, the first-look at Toxie himself.

Now, as far as first-look images go, that’s pretty awesome. We get a look at the janitor’s mop and some purple-ish details around his head. We’ll have to wait until the full movie to get a better look. But this is a good start. Macon Blair also wrote the script for the film and it’s been a pretty highly anticipated project for Troma fans and horror fans. The film premieres at Fantastic Fest on September 21st, but doesn’t have a full release date outside of that. It should be shortly after.

The Toxic Avenger stars Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage in the title role. It also stars Elijah Wood, Kevin Bacon, Taylour Page, and Jacob Tremblay. If anything, this could bring on a new renaissance for Troma films in pop culture.

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