WWE will be holding one of their big four annual events when WWE SummerSlam hits Detroit, Michigan this Saturday, August 5th at 8pm EST/5pm PST with the kickoff starting at 7pm EST/4pm PST live on Peacock in the US and WWE Network elsewhere. The biggest party of the summer is headlined by three massive matchups which will be culminating their respective feuds. Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar will meet in the third match of their trilogy that started after WrestleMania. While we return to where their feud initially started when Finn Balor goes one on one with Seth Rollins for World Heavyweight Championship. Lastly, we have reached the pinnacle of the Bloodline when Jey Uso faces off against Roman Reigns in Tribal Combat for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

Here are the questions I hope are answered at the end of the event this Saturday. First, here is the full match card for this Saturday’s show in Detroit, Michigan.

One of the more well balanced and star driven cards of the year.

Does Finn Balor finally capture the championship from Seth Rollins?

Seth Rollins and Finn Balor meet again at SummerSlam for a World title just like in 2016.

Ever since the championship was introduced, the go-to feud was going to be Finn vs Seth. From their first clash for the Universal Championship, which Finn won but vacated due to an injury suffered during the victory. To the two meetings in the finals of the RAW bracket to determine the finalist for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now after failed attempts, this could be the final chance Finn gets at the title. Seth has gone on to prove exactly what he is to the RAW brand and company as a whole. No one at the time was better suited to carry the new championship that was desperately needed after the monopoly Roman did to the main championship.

Do we see Seth finally drop the title to Finn? In my opinion, I do believe they pull the trigger and have Finn recreate the image of him holding a world title over Seth at SummerSlam as he did back in 2016. Besides, what better way to have a heel carry the title than to have his stablemate, the current Men’s Money in the Bank winner Damian Priest, protecting him?

Speaking of Money in the Bank winners, could we see a new Women’s Champion?

Can Asuka survive two of the most talented women in WWE?

Asuka by all means, is one of the best women performers on the roster, and she is now headlining a fantastic Triple Threat match for her WWE Women’s championship against two of the best women WWE has ever produced in Charlotte and Bianca Belair, who both had incredible reigns with the championship. Bianca with one of the longest reigns in recent years, while Charlotte will go down as one of the if not the most successful Women’s World Champions of all time. Now either one of these women can walk out of the event as champion.

Asuka can continue her reign by defeating two of the most talented women on the roster. Bianca can reclaim the championship she lost to Asuka, while Charlotte can continue to add to her legacy with another championship. With the champion at a disadvantage, not only do I see a new champion crowned, but I see it being none of these women as I do see the Women’s Money in the Bank winner Iyo Sky cashing in towards the end of the match or post-match to win her first championship on the main roster. Iyo will go on to have fantastic matches with all these women, including a much anticipated feud with fellow international star Asuka. Here’s to WWE giving us a long-awaited feud between Asuka and Iyo Sky.

Cody-Brock 3, but what’s next?

One of the best fan made posters for this year’s event.

The Cody Rhodes vs. Brock Lesnar trilogy of matches has been entertaining from their match at Backlash Puerto Rico and Night of Champions. Now we are at the third and possibly/hopefully final match between them. The biggest story following this match is where Cody goes from here. He has made it clear that he wants to win the championship that no one in his family has ever won, which would be the WWE Undisputed Univeral Championship, the championship that is currently held by Roman Reigns, the man who Cody lost to at WrestleMania.

I honestly do not know how WWE will be able to circle Cody back into a match/feud with Roman, as both competitors are on different brands, and a match this year seems unlikely from a logical standpoint. Could Cody win the rumble and challenge at WrestleMania Philadelphia? Wouldn’t that be too on the nose from this year’s chase to the championship? I do see Cody winning this trilogy from Brock; however, after this, I do not know what to do with Cody. He is one of the biggest stars in the company, and yet his road to finishing his story looks covered in fog. Maybe a returning superstar who was recently reported can feud with Cody for the remainder of the year especially given their past legacy.

Will we acknowledge a new Tribal Chief this Saturday??

At one point, both men were on top of their respective divisions, now at odds they will settle everything in Tribal Combat.

In WWE’s best recent story, we have reached the pinnacle of the feud. We are getting this matchup in Tribal Combat. Can Jey Uso finally end the reign of terror that his own bloodline has unleashed in Roman Reigns? The summer’s biggest party will be hosting this matchup of personal matters. The family elders elected for this type of matchup. Who will have the advantage going in? Roman will have the wise man Paul Heyman in his corner, along with Solo Sikoa looming nearby, while Jey Uso will be going without his brother Jimmy who is still recovering from the attack a few weeks ago.

I do wish for Jey to win. However, I do believe we get some type of run in whether it’s Solo costing him the match, to a returning Jimmy costing him the match, which leads to the brothers feuding while Roman retains and going on a break which has been rumored. If Roman does not go on this break, another option they could do is having Roman beat Jey so badly and convincingly that it triggers something in Solo to turn on him post-match, as seeing Roman beatdown his brother with no remorse could cause Solo to snap and lead to Roman’s next feud with the last remaining member of his bloodline? Here’s to hoping that WWE and everyone in the match continues to give us one of the best storylines the company has ever produced.

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