Yesterday, during the MARVEL: Heroes, Hulks, and Super Soldiers panel at San Diego Comic-Con it was announced that a new Punisher will make his vengeful debut in an all-new ongoing comic series. The team behind the new series will be penned by award-winning writer David Pepose (Savage Avengers, Moon Knight: City of the Dead) and drawn by artist Dave Wachter (Planet of the Apes, X-Men Legends), known for his gritty and noir-inspired art style. Covers will be illustrated by artist and industry veteran Rod Reis.

First design for Joe Garrison as the new ongoing Punisher


Marvel Comics teased a single question, last week “Who is the Punisher?” Series writer David Pepose revealed the answer and stated “Joe Garrison”. “The man might be different, but the punishment remains the same,” said Pepose. “I wanted to introduce the Danny Ketch to Frank’s Johnny Blaze.” Pepose continued, “I asked myself ‘How do we build a bigger table? And how do we invite as many readers as possible?’ For existing fans of the Punisher and for new fans, this is a story that’s not going to sacrifice any of the attitude, any of the action, and we are not letting the pedal off the metal.”

A better look at the new costume for Joe Garrison’s in this Punisher variant cover.

In the new PUNISHER saga, Frank Castle has disappeared, but evil will always need to be punished. With all-new threats rising to claim innocent victims, criminals will need to beware of a dangerous vigilante hunting them from the shadows. Enter a new Punisher: retired S.H.I.E.L.D. black ops agent Joe Garrison. But what brings him back into action? What put Joe Garrison on his path of vengeance? And when the smoke clears, will he even make it out alive?

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Source: Marvel Comics