The Terminator franchise has been with us since James Cameron unleashed the first film on audiences in 1984. Through an expansive career, Arnold Schwarzenegger has made plenty of big-budget films, been the governor of California, and then had a career resurgence. In a lengthy interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Arnold talked about his recent efforts with The Terminator franchise.

In his words, he thought that the scripts for the most recent films were not up to the level that the previous ones in the series had been. The right story could come along and bring him back, but for the time being, he’s done with the franchise.

“The franchise is not done. I’m done. I got the message loud and clear that the world wants to move on with a different theme when it comes to The Terminator,” Schwarzenegger explained. “Someone has to come up with a great idea. The Terminator was largely responsible for my success, so I always would look at it very fondly.

The first three movies were great,” he added. “Number four [Salvation] I was not in because I was governor. Then five [Genisys] and six [Dark Fate] didn’t close the deal as far as I’m concerned. We knew that ahead of time because they were just not well written.”

It’s a sad state of affairs, but one that always happens in Hollywood. Sequels and reboots are where the money is. The issue is that The Terminator just hasn’t captured that magic of the previous movies, and it might never do it.

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Arnie currently has a new documentary about his life coming to Netflix titled Arnold. He also is making his debut in TV with a new Netflix series titled FUBAR.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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